About Us

Formed in October 2016 by local choral leader Ben Leske and pianist Chris Nankervis, the Footscray Community Choir started its life as part of the Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Arts Learning Program.

Our Founding Values

Musically Inclusive

Members do not need to audition, nor be able to read music. Rehearsals run according to the principles of community music – our reluctance to sing in Australia is cultural. We believe everyone can sing given the right support and environment.

Socially aware

Choir is a place without judgement and open of all, regardless of cultural, socioeconomic, educational, or ethnic background, regardless of age, ability, gender identity or sexuality. With a close link to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, individuals living in Australia on bridging visas are strongly encouraged to apply and sing with us for free – we value their contribution of our newest Australians to the choir and to the community in Melbourne’s western suburbs.


Choir brings the “joy” factor into every week through– an injection of positivity that we hope will be contagious! Rehearsals and performances leave members feeling great, and provide a positive, hopeful musical moment in their week to balance of negative news and experiences in our society.